FB Lead Gen: Acquire Email Marketing Leads Using a Facebook Login button

Get subscribers with a single Facebook button

Here are just some of the features...

Capture marketing information using a Facebook Login button.

They click it. You capture it.

News flash: traditional opt-in forms are dead. fbleadgen gives you a Facebook Login button to use in their place. Your leads click a single button and you get their details in a matter of seconds. Simple as that.

Automatically send leads to your Mailchimp or Aweber account.

Integration with MailChimp and Aweber

fbleadgen has built in integration with leading email marketing tools. That means whenever you generate a new lead, your MailChimp or Aweber mailing lists can automatically update in real-time.

Choose the data you wish to collect from leads.

Customize it to suit your needs

fbleadgen is all about configurability. Use the built-in control panel to choose exactly what you want to collect from your leads. Want to know their birthdays? No problem. Need their political beliefs? Just say the word! Collect whatever you need in order to make the best marketing decisions.

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